ARRI/Zeiss Ultra Prime

ARRI/Zeiss Ultra Prime


This Kit Includes:

  • 16mm T1.9
  • 24mm T1.9
  • 32mm T1.9
  • 50mm T1.9
  • 85mm T1.9
  • 100mm T1.9

Rental Rates

$879.99 For the 1st day
$879.99 For a Weekend


Arri/ Zeiss Ultra Primes

  • Arri/ Zeiss Ultra Primes provide the optimal image quality, vivid colors, and skin tones for which ARRI/Zeiss are known. Each lens in the series features a T* XP lens coating for reduced glare and minimized reflections.
  • All 5 lenses in the Ultra Prime series share common focus and iris gear positions, making for fast lens swaps with no need to reposition lens accessories.
  • Covers Super-35mm format, maintains high contrast and resolution even at close focus.
  • Optically-matched prime lens complements the high-speed Master Prime series; Ultra Primes are color-matched to each other and the rest of the ARRI lens spectrum.
  • T* XP multi-layer anti-reflex coating reduces flares and internal reflections.
  • Lightweight, rugged, compact design with a maximum aperture of T1.9.
  • Minimal chromatic aberration and breathing.
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ARRI/ZEISS Ultra Primes

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ARRI/Zeiss Ultra Prime