Phoenix Cube Truck Package

Phoenix Cube Truck Package


The stated price excludes Labour, Gas, or Mileage charges.

To obtain further details, please get in touch with one of our staff members.

$1200.00 For the 1st day
$1500.00 For a Weekend

PHOENIX Cube Truck Package

Explore our Phoenix lighting and grip cube truck package designed for larger productions. With powerful lights and detailed grip equipment. Enhance your production with our comprehensive solutions, which can include the option of a trained swing/driver. Our swings/drivers streamline pick-up, drop-off, and packing processes, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your production. Rest assured, our drivers/swings are fully trained to handle all equipment within the van, providing valuable assistance to your production team.

Please be aware that extra equipment can be included in the package for an additional cost. However, modifications to the van picklist are not possible.
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