110 AC Pagoda (aka Dief) w/ Joy Plug

110 AC Pagoda (aka Dief) w/ Joy Plug



$45.00 For the 1st day
$45.00 For a Weekend

pagoda style dief box

This pagoda style dief box has 3x 20Amp breakers with 6x 20Amp style outlets.

Weather and water proof, the design of the Pagoda keeps the outlets raised above the ground and the top canopy protects from dripping water. Each outlet has a springloaded cover.

Can be used with a 3 Pin Twist Lock to Joy Adapter – 120v to connect to a Honda 7000w generator.

  • 3x 20amp 110v circuits
  • 120V
  • 60Amp
  • 3′ long Joy tail (male)
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110 AC Pagoda (aka Dief) w/ Joy Plug